Siddarth Nagarrajan,born in 1997 on the 25th of September to Drummer,percussionist and cine rhythm programmer Nagi and singer Vidya, has been mesmerising the audience around the world since the year 2000. Believe it or not!! His first public show was on 16th April 2000,when he was barely 2&1/2 years old- the performance that gave him a placement in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS as the YOUNGEST DRUMMER OF INDIA.

Siddarth has always been amidst music,hailing from a family of musicians.His grandfather Shri.G.Narayanan is a tabla player who worked with the legendary film music director, Shri.K.V.Mahadevan for more than 45 years.Siddharth is now the 3rd generation of percussionist in this family.

About Siddharth

Siddarth is presently studying in Padma Seshadri School, Chennai in Class xii

Siddarth is a born musician. “He responded to music as soon as he was born.When music was customarily played in the labour room, he just stopped crying and began crying when the music stopped,”says his mother Vidya proudly.

He continued to display his craving for rhythm as he grew. It is therefore no wonder that National Geographic Channel identified Siddu as ONE OF THE 7 GENIUSES OF THE WORLD (Inborn category) and telecast it in their prestigious show MY BRILLIANT BRAIN on 10th Dec’07. This prodigy, besides being a a gadget freak also loves photography and playing football and volleyball

Siddu,as he is fondly called at home is a multi record holder.

Initiation, Training and Practice

Siddarth’s initiation was done by none other than the world famous percussionist Shri.Sivamani in Mumbai on 1st September 2000.Irony is that his initiation was AFTER his 1st performance! ! He then started learning from Mr.Gopal in Chennai and then started going to Malaysia often to learn from Mr.Lewis Pragasam and Mr.Robert. He idolises Mike Portnoy and dreams of performing with him some day.He is an ardent admirer of Eric Singer,Jamie Borden,Steve Smith and Neil Peart.

For the Indian mathematics of rhythm,he is lucky to be under the guidance of the family of Ghatam maestro Shri. Vikku Vinayakaram.

With so many years of musical experience and a perfect musical ambiance around him,it is no wonder that Siddu is a self-evolved composer too.He has also developed a unique style of footwork on his drumming which he wishes to focus on and specialise.

After school hours,one can mostly find him composing and churning out a lot of syncopation music or tunes on his keyboard/guitar in his studio in Chennai if he is not drumming.

-Siddarth had composed the HANUMAN CHALISA in 2006 when he ws just 9, which was released by Symphony Audio.

-He conceptualised a drum based show in 2006 called DRUM FEAST released by Moserbaer as a DVD.

-Presently he is into composing a lot of music in different genres-Indian,Rock,Jazz,Folk etc which he hopes to bring out as an album soon.




3) MAXIMUM KICKBEATS IN A MINUTE- Siddarth played 803 beats in one minute on the bass drum using only his feet on 12/01/2012 in Hyderabad.

4) MOST NUMBER OF FREESTYLE DRUMBEATS IN A MINUTE- Siddarth played 1906 beats freestyle in a minute for ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS, making him Asia’s fastest drummer.

5) MOST NUMBER OF BEATS IN A MINUTE- Siddu has now broken the existing record of George Urosevic of Australia,who had played 1589 beats in 1 minute,by playing 2038 beats for the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS.

Awards and Titles

The latest feather on his hat is that Siddarth has now been conferred with an honorary DOCTORATE degree by the WORLD RECORDS UNIVERSITY on 29th Sept 2014 for FASTEST DRUMMING.He is now officially Dr.SIDDARTH NAGARRAJAN.

  • Youngest Drummer Of India
  • Youngest musician to record music for a film
  • Balashree’09 (The President Of India Award-The Highest Honour For Children In India)
  • BALARATNA’08 (C.M. AWARD Which he received from the late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy.)
  • Bala Kala Ratna (from the Ex-Governor of A.P,Shri N.D.Tiwari)
  • Balamani (Bharat Vikas Parishad)
  • Prince Of Rhythm
  • Pogo Amazing Kid Award’05
  • Bharatiya Gaurav, Delhi
  • Ugadi Puraskar’03
  • Isai Mamurasu
  • Global Education Young Achiever’09 (1st Runner-Up)
  • Horlicks Wizkid 1st Place
  • Percussion Prodigy’05-Rotary Club
  • Young Achiever’05 – Rotary
  • Wisdom International Child Prodigy Award’04
  • Example For Youth’04-Rotaract Club
  • Young Aciever’04-Lion’s Club
  • Most Promising Young Misician’04 (International Women’s Association)

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